Whose Birthday is Today?


See performers and composers from Carnegie Hall’s performance history who were born on this day. Click on each name to view information on that person from our online Performance History Search, and view matching items in Wikidata.

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Birth Year Name with PHS Link Birth Place Matching Wikidata Item
1690 Francesco Maria Veracini born in Florence Wikidata Item
1758 Ludwig Gotthard Kosegarten born in Grevesmühlen Wikidata Item
1801 Adolf Fredrik Lindblad born in Skänninge Wikidata Item
1828 Friedrich Hermann born in Frankfurt am Main Wikidata Item
1858 Ludwig André born in Minden Wikidata Item
1859 Victor Herbert born in Dublin Wikidata Item
1859 Carl Halir born in Vrchlabí Wikidata Item
1867 Irénée Bergé born in Toulouse Wikidata Item
1869 Kerry Mills born in Philadelphia Wikidata Item
1869 Jules Conus born in Moscow Wikidata Item
1872 Clara Butt born in Southwick Wikidata Item
1872 Paul Fort born in Reims Wikidata Item
1874 Hugo von Hofmannsthal born in Vienna Wikidata Item
1877 Thomas Dunhill born in London Wikidata Item
1880 Antonio Guarnieri born in Venice Wikidata Item
1880 Francesco Balilla Pratella born in Lugo Wikidata Item
1881 José Ignacio Quintón born in Caguas Wikidata Item
1892 Rudolf Mengelberg born in Krefeld Wikidata Item
1894 Herman Hupfeld born in Montclair Wikidata Item
1894 James P. Johnson born in New Brunswick Wikidata Item
1902 Langston Hughes born in Joplin Wikidata Item
1902 Carlo Borbolla born in Manzanillo No Wikidata Item
1904 Tricky Sam Nanton born in New York City Wikidata Item
1906 Pierre Capdevielle born in Paris Wikidata Item
1906 Hildegarde born in Adell Wikidata Item
1907 Sandor Veress born in Cluj-Napoca Wikidata Item
1907 Camargo Guarnieri born in Tietê Wikidata Item
1913 György Geszler born in Budapest Wikidata Item
1913 Jochoved Bocher born in New Jersey No Wikidata Item
1917 Ligoa Duncan born in Paris No Wikidata Item
1919 Artie Singer born in Toronto Wikidata Item
1921 Voldemars Salna born in Ventspils No Wikidata Item
1922 Renata Tebaldi born in Pesaro Wikidata Item
1927 Galway Kinnell born in Southport Wikidata Item
1927 Flaviano Labò born in Borgonovo Val Tidone Wikidata Item
1928 Ursula Mamlok born in Berlin Wikidata Item
1930 María Elena Walsh born in Ramos Mejía Wikidata Item
1931 Nancy Bloomer Deussen born in The Bronx Wikidata Item
1934 Robert Stern born in Paterson Wikidata Item
1934 Bob Shane born in Hilo Wikidata Item
1936 Max van Egmond born in Semarang Wikidata Item
1939 Claude Francois born in Ismailia Wikidata Item
1939 Joe Sample born in Houston Wikidata Item
1939 Del McCoury born in Bakersville Wikidata Item
1941 Tom Gray born in Chicago Wikidata Item
1942 Noa Ain born in New York City No Wikidata Item
1945 Ole Buck born in Copenhagen Wikidata Item
1946 Carol Neblett born in Modesto Wikidata Item
1946 Robert Ray born in St. Louis No Wikidata Item
1947 James Kessler born in McKeesport Wikidata Item
1952 Jeno Jandó born in Pécs Wikidata Item
1955 Frankie Sullivan born in Chicago Wikidata Item
1955 Babbie Mason born in Jackson Wikidata Item
1956 Wenjing Guo born in Chongqing Wikidata Item
1964 Jani Lane born in Akron Wikidata Item
1968 Lisa Marie Presley born in Memphis Wikidata Item
1969 Joshua Redman born in Berkeley Wikidata Item
1971 Mikolaj Górecki born in Katowice Wikidata Item
1973 Jason Lindner born in New York City Wikidata Item
1973 Kimberly Archer born in Mendota Wikidata Item
1974 Isabel Bayrakdarian born in Zahlé Wikidata Item
1975 Antwan André Patton born in Savannah Wikidata Item
1978 Nicholas Huang born in Taipei No Wikidata Item
1979 Jason Isbell born in Green Hill Wikidata Item
1982 Yoshie Fruchter born in Silver Spring Wikidata Item
1985 Johan Karl Schuster born in Sweden Wikidata Item

lab report


List: Whose Birthday is Today?


See which composers and performers from Carnegie Hall’s performance history were born on this day, with their birth year, birthplace, and a link to their corresponding Wikidata item.

The scope is limited to those people for whom we have birthdate and birthplace information.


We created a SPARQL query using data.carnegiehall.org, which finds people from Carnegie Hall's performance history (e.g. performers, and/or creators like composers, arrangers, lyricists, etc.) born on today's date. Since birthdates have been stored as ISO-8601 dates assigned datatypes like xsd:date (YYYY-MM-DD), xsd:gYearMonth (YYYY-MM), or xsd:gYear (YYYY), we can use SPARQL's FILTER to find only those people born on today's month and day. Birthplaces are identified using GeoNames URIs (when the birth city is not known, birth country will be used; people with no birthplace recorded will not appear in the query). The query will also return the Wikidata item ID for anyone whose Carnegie Hall ID has been aligned with Wikidata using the skos:exactMatch property.

              PREFIX rdfs: <http://www.w3.org/2000/01/rdf-schema#>
              PREFIX schema: <http://schema.org/##>
              PREFIX foaf: <http://xmlns.com/foaf/0.1/##>
              PREFIX geo-pos: <http://www.w3.org/2003/01/geo/wgs84_pos##>
              PREFIX skos: <http://www.w3.org/2004/02/skos/core##>
              SELECT ?personName ?birthPlace ?birthPlaceLabel ?lat ?long ?opasID ?wikidataLink (YEAR(?date) as ?year)
                            (STR(ENCODE_FOR_URI(?personName))))) AS ?perfLink)
                            (STR(ENCODE_FOR_URI(?personName))))) AS ?compLink)
                  BIND(MONTH(NOW()) AS ?nowMonth)
                  BIND(DAY(NOW()) AS ?nowDay)

                  ?personID schema:birthDate ?date ;
                          foaf:name ?personName ;
                          schema:birthPlace ?birthPlace .
                  ?birthPlace rdfs:label ?birthPlaceLabel ;
                              geo-pos:lat ?lat ;
                              geo-pos:long ?long .
                  OPTIONAL { ?personID skos:exactMatch ?wikidataLink .
                      filter contains(str(?wikidataLink), "wikidata")}
                  BIND(REPLACE(str(?personID), "http://data.carnegiehall.org/names/", "") as ?opasID)
                  FILTER (MONTH(?date) = ?nowMonth && DAY(?date) = ?nowDay)

              ORDER BY ?year
              LIMIT 100

In order to provide an easily human-readable version of each person’s history at the hall, we also use SPARQL to create a link to Performance History Search, an HTML presentation of essentially the same dataset that we published first in 2013 (and predates our experiments with LOD). (In the query, this is found right after the SELECT statement, where you'll see (IRI(CONCAT( etc.)


what we learned

You might be asking why we need to formulate different versions of the PHS link. The HTML version launched in 2013, well prior to our release of the same data as RDF in 2017; although the source database is the same, the process that translates the data for display is a bit different and was developed separately. This creates a few challenges when attempting to create links to PHS search filters:

  • Our source database for CH’s performance history data, a proprietary SQL-based product designed for concert planning, stores performers and composers in separate tables. When the data is surfaced in the HTML Performance History Search (PHS), that separation between composers and performers remains. Query filters are constructed from a search index based on the name string of the composer or performer.
  • Our RDF version of the data solves this problem of (potential) dual IDs by creating a single ID for each named entity, with statements defining their role according to associations with creative works (as a composer, arranger, lyricist, etc.) and/or events (as a performer).
  • In order to construct the PHS link, a URL-safe version of the Wikidata item label (i.e. the name of the composer or performer, with URL-encoded characters replacing spaces and other reserved characters) must be concatenated with a base URL, e.g. https://www.carnegiehall.org/About/History/Performance-History-Search?q=&dex=prod_PHS&pf=Juan%20Tizol.

further investigation

Eventually our goal is to bring all online historical content — our performance history and digital collections — into a single, unified user experience using our LOD as the metadata "backbone". The Carnegie Hall Data Lab is a first step in that direction, where we can begin experimenting with user-friendly ways to surface our performance history data.

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