Grammy Award Winners at CH


Artists from Carnegie Hall’s performance history that have won a Grammy Award.

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Grammy Award Winners at Carnegie Hall


See which artists referenced in Carnegie Hall's performance history have won a Grammy Award and show their image.

Many artists who have performed at Carnegie Hall, or composers whose works have been performed here, have won Grammy Awards. We do not have details like this in our own dataset, but Wikidata does, and since a great many of the names in our data have been aligned with Wikidata items (using the Wikidata Carnegie Hall Agent ID property), we can leverage these connections to find which artists have won Grammy Awards.


We created a SPARQL query to find artists (items) in Wikidata that have won a Grammy Award of any type:

              SELECT DISTINCT ?person ?personLabel ?personImage
              (IRI(CONCAT("http://data.carnegiehall.org/names/",(STR(?chAgent_id)))) AS ?chLOD)
              WHERE {
                ?person (wdt:P166/wdt:P279*) wd:Q41254 ;
                                 wdt:P4104 ?chAgent_id .
                OPTIONAL { ?person wdt:P18 ?personImage. }
                SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "en". }

The following line in the query looks for artists that have won an award that is identified as a subclass of a Grammy Award -- so it doesn't matter if the artist won Best New Artist, Best Classical Instrumental Solo, or even a Lifetime Achievement Award; this will find it:

?person (wdt:P166/wdt:P279*) wd:Q41254

We added a link to each artist's internal Carnegie Hall identifier:

(IRI(CONCAT("http://data.carnegiehall.org/names/",(STR(?chAgent_id)))) AS ?chLOD)

Finally, Wikidata's Image Grid template (defaultView:ImageGrid) provides the display.


what we learned

Wikidata’s out-of-the-box display templates are a wonderful way to easily create data visualizations, and do not require hosting your own dataset or creating your own visualization tools. They allow us to leverage the Carnegie Hall Agent ID property to surface interesting connections between CH’s named entities and external data/resources.

further investigation

We could add to the display which award/s each artist won, although for multiple award winners this would complicate both the query and the display. As we continue to align our internal Carnegie Hall IDs with Wikidata, more artists will appear in the grid.

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